Ell family line

I recently found the ELL family line researching my mothers Seidel side of the family …I am researching a Wentz.. Miller line … and was looking for some help .. and or others researching this family … I know nothing about them … just what Ive found on ancestry .. and now researching DNA matches .

Engelbert Miller (1842 – 1909)
father-in-law of brother-in-law of aunt of wife of 1st cousin 3x removed
Anna Maria ‘Mary’ Miller (1880 – 1965)
daughter of Engelbert Miller
Leonard Schan (1880 – )
husband of Anna Maria ‘Mary’ Miller
Andreas Schaan (1848 – 1898)
father of Leonard Schan
Andreas Schaan (1874 – 1952)
son of Andreas Schaan
Marianna Ell (1876 – 1944)
wife of Andreas Schaan
Raphael Ell (1850 – 1930)
father of Marianna Ell
Michael Raphael Ell (1888 – 1947)
son of Raphael Ell
Johanna Barbara Ell (1910 – 1998)
daughter of Michael Raphael Ell
Otto Frederick Wilhelm Heise (1906 – 1980)
husband of Johanna Barbara Ell
Ernst Carl Max Heise (1868 – 1948)
father of Otto Frederick Wilhelm Heise
Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Heise (1827 – 1915)
father of Ernst Carl Max Heise
Marie Johanna Pauline Heise (1862 – 1945)
daughter of Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Heise
Elisabeth Adolfine Friederike Henning (1886 – 1973)
daughter of Marie Johanna Pauline Heise
Gerda Irmgard Paula Arndt (1921 – 2000)
daughter of Elisabeth Adolfine Friederike Henning
Ingeborg Seidel (1941 – )
daughter of Gerda Irmgard Paula Arndt
Tanja Jasmine Elizabeth Boehme
You are the daughter of Ingeborg Seidel

I am the first to be born in the USA and will be 41 this year … My parents in there 70s don’t know much of anything about our family .. just about all the family that they grew up with and were ” told about” .. as people in Europe didn’t speak about family much in those times… going down the line I found a line of Russian Germans… and this family

Rosina Wentz

BIRTH 1836 • Elsass, Russia
DEATH 11 APRIL 1920 • Hague, Emmons, North Dakota, United States
mother-in-law of brother-in-law of aunt of wife of 1st cousin 3x removed

married to an

Engelbert Miller

BIRTH 06 NOV 1842 • Russia
DEATH 26 MAY 1909 • Emmons, North Dakota, United States
father-in-law of brother-in-law of aunt of wife of 1st cousin 3x removed

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