ancestry from the Netzekreis

If you have ancestry from the Netzekreis – parts of SW Kreis Deutsch Krone, West Prussia; Kreis Filehne, Kreis Czarnikau and parts of Kreis Kolmar, Posen… you will find this map showing mostly Polish Towns vs. mostly German Towns. This area became a borderline between Germany & Poland after WWI and on the bridges crossing the Netze River (the one that bisects this map N & S) there were passport stations. You can see from the Red (German) and Green (Polish) towns, it was a bit of a natural border already.


Beef Liver … yum yum yum!!! :)

Beef liver and Onion .. on the menu for lunch today .. It might sound weird to most.. but as a european .. we eat different things and were not brought up on your regular Peanut Butter and Jelly on white or wheat bread … but Tongue, Liver, Soups and Stews .. . Hearty Earthly Meals… Found some Veal and Beef Liver int he supermarket .. usually super cheap .. usually near the BEEF BONES that I love to make broth from …

Beef livers provide us nutrient-rich storage depots. When sourced from healthy, grass fed cows, liver is absolutely loaded with a wide spectrum of vitamins, minerals, proteins and fat. It is particularly rich in the key nutrients that help keep our brains healthy.


If you’re looking for an alternative to chicken breast, salmon or your other staple proteins, beef liver can serve as a good stand-in occasionally. It’s a great source of protein, with each 3-ounce serving supply 17 grams of the nutrient. Protein keeps your cells and tissues healthy and strong. It’s required for growing muscles — and those muscle gains you want to see from your gym routine — but protein also strengthens and nourishes your skin, hair, nails and other protein-rich tissues like your tendons and bones. As a bonus, protein is also filling, so beef liver’s protein content will make your meal more satisfying.

Add beef liver to your diet, and you’ll also get an abundance of iron. Liver is among the best sources of iron available, and a 3-ounce portion of beef liver provides 4 milligrams of it. That means just one serving of beef liver will provide half the day’s iron intake requirements for men, and slightly more than one-fifth of the daily iron needs for women. That iron helps your cells generate energy, plays a crucial role in circulating oxygen throughout your body, and also helps your immune system kill harmful pathogens, like viruses and bacteria.

In addition to a generous amount of iron, beef liver contains a boatload of vitamin A. Just 3 ounces of liver has more than 14,000 international units of vitamin A — which is more than your entire daily needs for the day. That vitamin A offers several health benefits, from playing a role in your vision to supporting healthy cell growth. However, beef liver is so high in vitamin A that you should eat it only occasionally. If you ate beef liver every day, you’d risk developing vitamin A toxicity, which can harm your skin, liver, and even prove fatal in extreme cases.

While liver offers plenty of nutritional benefits, cooking it properly is key to enjoying it, since overcooked liver has an unpleasant tough and grainy texture. Try stir frying strips of beef liver to better control the cooking time — and load up your stir fry with healthy veggies, like sliced bell peppers, mushrooms and summer squash for added nutrition. Serve the stir-fry over cauliflower “rice” or zucchini “noodles,” and keep the leftovers to use as a topping for leafy green salads

Liver and onion breakfast bowl

So .. I chopped up 3 onions and a half of a calves or veal liver

Then I added this to it… mmmm so yummy

With a little kick but not a punch… this adds a little bacon and spice to the dish … mmmm who doesn’t like gacon💕😘🤪😂🤣👋💗🥓🥓🥓🥓🇩🇪

Rivera hot sauce

Even the cat knows it’s good.. and wants in on the action… thanks to Rivera hot sauce .. Home made and at a great price .. Rivera has brought my hot sauce experience to a new level.. from not so hot… to mild .. to extra hot and spicy they have something for everyone..

Some like it hot and well that’s me!!! So I usually go for the hot and spicy stuff they have there. They are a family runned business

And travel around the USA to different markets and venues all over. They can also be found on Facebook and have an online store.. they even do gift baskets 😝🤪💗💕😇. if you live in the Delaware valley area of the USA or taking a road trip across the states you have to stop by the columbus farmers flea market. The best days to go are Thursday early in the morning by 9am and Sunday . You can usually find these two right outside next to the food court. The flea market opens around 8am but most all of the vendors who show up that day should be there by 9. If you are an early bird like me come by 8 let them all set up outside and have a cup of coffee or grab a great breakfast in the food court from Anna’s corner for breakfast foods to the polish german Deli for a cup of there german coffee if you like kielbasa they make a great kielbasa and kraut sandwich and that too people start eating by 8am there is something for everyone …. From breakfast pizza from Kate and als to the Amish food market down the hall. I like to go into the food court on Thursday’s to listen to the band they gave there. They even love it when you come up and sing along…

No salt breakfast bowl ..

2 poached eggs .. half an avocado and 1 small tomato .. it’s healthy all the way… add a glass of water and a cup of coffee and you will defiantly be full from this in the morning

Ell family line

I recently found the ELL family line researching my mothers Seidel side of the family …I am researching a Wentz.. Miller line … and was looking for some help .. and or others researching this family … I know nothing about them … just what Ive found on ancestry .. and now researching DNA matches .

Engelbert Miller (1842 – 1909)
father-in-law of brother-in-law of aunt of wife of 1st cousin 3x removed
Anna Maria ‘Mary’ Miller (1880 – 1965)
daughter of Engelbert Miller
Leonard Schan (1880 – )
husband of Anna Maria ‘Mary’ Miller
Andreas Schaan (1848 – 1898)
father of Leonard Schan
Andreas Schaan (1874 – 1952)
son of Andreas Schaan
Marianna Ell (1876 – 1944)
wife of Andreas Schaan
Raphael Ell (1850 – 1930)
father of Marianna Ell
Michael Raphael Ell (1888 – 1947)
son of Raphael Ell
Johanna Barbara Ell (1910 – 1998)
daughter of Michael Raphael Ell
Otto Frederick Wilhelm Heise (1906 – 1980)
husband of Johanna Barbara Ell
Ernst Carl Max Heise (1868 – 1948)
father of Otto Frederick Wilhelm Heise
Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Heise (1827 – 1915)
father of Ernst Carl Max Heise
Marie Johanna Pauline Heise (1862 – 1945)
daughter of Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Heise
Elisabeth Adolfine Friederike Henning (1886 – 1973)
daughter of Marie Johanna Pauline Heise
Gerda Irmgard Paula Arndt (1921 – 2000)
daughter of Elisabeth Adolfine Friederike Henning
Ingeborg Seidel (1941 – )
daughter of Gerda Irmgard Paula Arndt
Tanja Jasmine Elizabeth Boehme
You are the daughter of Ingeborg Seidel

I am the first to be born in the USA and will be 41 this year … My parents in there 70s don’t know much of anything about our family .. just about all the family that they grew up with and were ” told about” .. as people in Europe didn’t speak about family much in those times… going down the line I found a line of Russian Germans… and this family

Rosina Wentz

BIRTH 1836 • Elsass, Russia
DEATH 11 APRIL 1920 • Hague, Emmons, North Dakota, United States
mother-in-law of brother-in-law of aunt of wife of 1st cousin 3x removed

married to an

Engelbert Miller

BIRTH 06 NOV 1842 • Russia
DEATH 26 MAY 1909 • Emmons, North Dakota, United States
father-in-law of brother-in-law of aunt of wife of 1st cousin 3x removed

Apple cider

Apple cider vinegar… there are so many recipes out there.. how do you like it.. straight up..

And organic like me… or in your favorite recipe?!?

Language unknown

Found this at work… someone gave it to me as they know I love genealogy .. I would love to get some help in translation..

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Apple cinnamon bread

So my friend Colleen Segarra made this wonderful apple bread .. So my friend Colleen Segarra made this wonderful apple bread

tried it cold and OMG .. I want the recipe .. so what did I do

.. I made a French toast batter ( 2 eggs and cinnamon ) dipped it in.. fried a few pieces of bacon… took that fat and fried the bread in it… hallowed our the middle of one and put an egg in there .. fried it up… drizzle with maple syrup… mmmm so good… the other slice goes with me tomorrow.. it I don eat it later…

Waffles and coffee

Want something easy and quick!! I love these dark chocolate gluten free waffles

A tablespoon of peanut butter or your favorite nut butter and a banana … I just love the flavor of coffee… so I pair it with my favorite .. Jacobs kaffee .. found at