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Pinnow Hohenhaus ..

Spouse: Albert Emil Hohenhaus researching the Pinnow .. Hohenhaus line … would LOVE LOVE LOVE any help … ( tryign to find Albert Emil parents ) 


maybe living in Kallais or Balster ( where he was born ) Kreis Dramburg …

Name: Bertha Auguste Pinnow
Gender: weiblich (Female)
Birth Date: 3 Okt 1879 (3 Oct 1879)
Age: 19
Marriage Date: 30 Mai 1899 (30 May 1899)
Civil Registration Office: Berlin V b
Spouse: Albert Emil Hohenhaus
Spouse Gender: männlich (Male)
Spouse Birth Date: 3 Okt 1877 (3 Oct 1877)
Certificate Number: 378
Archive Sequence Number: 196
Register Type: Erstregister


Arndt family

ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED…  .. 🙂 I am researching my family tree as everyone knows…


hubby is off to work … whats up for today … wednesdays is research day … … the puzzle is slowly working itself out …

my great grandfather Otto August Arndt who went by OTTO … was born I KNOW in Welbsleben …

trying to find his parents … and could use some help … from what I KNOW .. his mothers last name BINEMANN …

Occupation BAU and MOBEL TISCHLER … MOBEL .. is FURNITURE and TISCHLER is CARPENTER… so I am assuming a furniture maker … what I do know

when he was living in Berlin, he made and sold his works … and we still have a

sewing box
grandfather clock that he personally made … I would love to find out where his ” Garage” as my mom calls it … was … she says that he worked out of a Garage in Berlin, Germany where he also sold his work …

He married Elizabeth Henning

died Later in Berlin, Germany living in the Britzer Strasse 7 in Niederschoneweide, Berlin ….

he died still being married to his wife

My great grandfather



Someone helped me translate a ” so called birthday card” … he lived in Berlin-Niederschönweide, Brückenstraße 23






The area of Berlin was settled first by Slavic tribes in the 700’s. Berlin received city rights in 1242. In 1701 Berlin was the capital of Prussia. The Swedes occupied Berlin from 1618-1648, the French in 1806, and the Russians in 1945. The siege of Berlin in WWII wrecked 70% of the city. After WWII the capital of West Germany was moved to Bonn in 1949. The capital of East Germany remained Berlin. The Berlin Wall, built in 1961, was crossed on November 9, 1989. German reunification, which many of us thought would never come in our lifetime, came on October 3rd, 1990. In June 1991, the German Parliament voted to move the German capital from Bonn back to Berlin. Government Offices moved back from 1997 to 1998: